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WExplorer (Freeware)

WExplorer is a small, alternative Windows Explorer.

Status Feature
explore Windows 95 - Windows 11
get file-size, last write time, file-extension, file-attributes
copy, rename or delete files and folders
drop files or folders to List View
discover reparse points (since Windows 7)
use WExplorer on Windows PE
"New Cmd Window here" to open command prompt
create "New Folder" or "New File.txt" in current directory
"Send to" Menu (from personal "Send to")
read directory size (independent worker thread)
click in pie chart to read folder size
drive size and usage (tree view root selected)
preview for image files (CTRL + I)
search files (e.g. .ini in search field will find all *.ini files in current path, do not use wildcards)
search files with content (e.g. .ini {test} will find all *.ini files in current path with the phrase test)
show and set file attributes via toolbar checkboxes (A, H, R, S)
set .jpg, .png as Background Image (Wallpaper)
bug fix for .name folders
fast image list for network drives in ListView (View/Settings)
Configure WExplorer via View/Settings:
(see also in the registry)
xo=100 (REG_DWORD position x)
yo=100 (REG_DWORD position y)
xs=800 (REG_DWORD size x)
xo=600 (REG_DWORD size y)

WExplorer Version (Win32/STL code)
32 Bit wexplorer.exe
64 Bit wexplorer.exe